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Multi-Layer Cutscenes and Mouse-Parallax

Multi-Layer Cutscenes and Mouse-Parallax

(gif of MTD intro cutscene)

Villianne flies into Detroit while planning her next mission

(image of how each layer is organized in the spreadsheet).

(discussion of mouse-parallax)

Mouse-Camera-Parallax is an increasingly common UI effect in which the movement of the player’s cursor causes a camera to move slightly, producing a somewhat engaging effect, as seen below.

Please forgive the turbulence.

In our case, the movement of the camera reveals the depth of the scene and its layers (it also reveals a graphical artifact– can you spot some missing image data just above Villy’s laptop?).

No Man’s Sky uses this technique in its UI, as do other games.

Note the movement of the grid cells when the cursor moves. It’s a subtle effect.

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