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Affordance Interactions in Greek Tragedy (Survival Horror)

Create interactions without coding via affordance components.

(11 October 2022)

Automated Script Execution Order in Unity (solve build issues)

Automatically syncronize script execution order between the unity editor and builds, eliminating an entire class of bugs.

(17 May 2021)

Arbor Interactivities 01/11/2021

An update on Austin Yarger and Arbor Interactive's many projects.

(11 January 2021)

Game Architecture for Diverse Clients and Budgets

Scalable, efficient, and re-usable technology can make your studio more accessible to diverse clientele with budgets big and small.

(28 November 2020)

Game Mechanic Implementation : Abilities

Implementing a hotkey ability system into a Unity Tower Defense / RTS game.

(21 November 2020)

Resolving a Difficulty Progression Derp

How to Balance Difficulty Progression in a Unity Tower Defense Game.

(09 November 2020)

Juicing Human-Computer Interaction and UX (Unity juice techniques)

Unity Line Renderer techniques for visibility visualization and improved UX game feel.

(02 November 2020)

Improving the Story (Unity Story Analysis)

Improving a story via Moral Dilemma, Chekhov's Gun, and Saving the Cat

(25 October 2020)

Unity Gameplay Tooling Upgrades and Backend Database Standardization

A few smart upgrades to gameplay tooling and testing, and some backend database standardization to make future work easier.

(20 October 2020)

Gameplay Getaway : Isolated Testbeds and Boids Routing

Gameplay Testbeds and Boids Separation for Unit Routing Improvement

(15 October 2020)

Only (always) a Day Away : Experiments with Web Game Traffic

(12 October 2020)

Account-Flow, Landing Page, Progression, Leaderboards, (BTD Weekly Update 10/04/2020)

Account-Flow, Unity WebGL Landing Page, Progression, Leaderboards, etc

(04 October 2020)

BTD Weekly Update 09/27/2020 (unity webgl loading optimizations)

Loading Changes

(27 September 2020)

BTD Weekly Update 09/22/2020

Loading Screen, Under-the-hood Entity System, and Progression

(20 September 2020)

Auto-Generating Lua Bindings for Unity C# (MoonSharp)

How to programmatically and automatically generate Visual Studio Code Lua Bindings for Unity C# Projects using MoonSharp

(18 September 2020)