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Arbor Interactivities 01/11/2021

An update on Austin Yarger and Arbor Interactive's many projects.

(11 January 2021)

Game Architecture for Diverse Clients and Budgets

Scalable, efficient, and re-usable technology can make your studio more accessible to diverse clientele with budgets big and small.

(28 November 2020)

Game Mechanic Implementation : Abilities

Implementing a hotkey ability system into a Unity Tower Defense / RTS game.

(21 November 2020)

Resolving a Difficulty Progression Derp

How to Balance Difficulty Progression in a Unity Tower Defense Game.

(09 November 2020)

Juicing Human-Computer Interaction and UX (Unity juice techniques)

Unity Line Renderer techniques for visibility visualization and improved UX game feel.

(02 November 2020)

Improving the Story (Unity Story Analysis)

Improving a story via Moral Dilemma, Chekhov's Gun, and Saving the Cat

(25 October 2020)

Unity Gameplay Tooling Upgrades and Backend Database Standardization

A few smart upgrades to gameplay tooling and testing, and some backend database standardization to make future work easier.

(20 October 2020)

Gameplay Getaway : Isolated Testbeds and Boids Routing

Gameplay Testbeds and Boids Separation for Unit Routing Improvement

(15 October 2020)

Only (always) a Day Away : Experiments with Web Game Traffic

(12 October 2020)

Account-Flow, Landing Page, Progression, Leaderboards, (BTD Weekly Update 10/04/2020)

Account-Flow, Unity WebGL Landing Page, Progression, Leaderboards, etc

(04 October 2020)

BTD Weekly Update 09/27/2020 (unity webgl loading optimizations)

Loading Changes

(27 September 2020)

BTD Weekly Update 09/22/2020

Loading Screen, Under-the-hood Entity System, and Progression

(20 September 2020)

Auto-Generating Lua Bindings for Unity C# (MoonSharp)

How to programmatically and automatically generate Visual Studio Code Lua Bindings for Unity C# Projects using MoonSharp

(18 September 2020)